Reasons to be Cheerful from the pursuit of my own happiness


I just want to disappear, no where far

Just get away.

Not from a place

Not from the ones I love

Just disappear,

From myself.

Disappear from my body,

Run from my head.

Just be someone else.

A person who smiles,

Always finds the bright side of life.

Creates laughter, with not at.

Is a genuine joy to be around.

Why cant I disappear?

Or just be someone better?

Live for the moment. Be apart of life.

Lust for life.

Joy to know,

Joy to have.

In life it’s so easy to forget what makes you happy and recently I have been struggling with my own happiness, by recently I would say for the past 27 years but it’s starting to wear thin. It doesn’t aid creativity, if anything it keeps my bed warm with a space just for me.

Today is the first day of me giving myself a slap.

Reasons to be Cheerful from the pursuit of my own happiness,

• Riley – Everything she does. The good, the bad and the damn right ugly because I wouldn’t want to not experience any of it.

• Al – To be loved and to be able to love. The smile. The laughter. The smells. The warmth. Feeling safe. Feeling like finally you have your home.

• Photography – Capturing. Experiencing. Looking. Thinking. Editing. Printing. Sharing. I’m not my biggest fan, so I could never promote but some of my happiest moments are just me and my camera getting lost on purpose and being found through the shutter.

• Creating – Writing. Drawing. Singing. Just enjoying following my imagination and seeing what it has. Being involved in the whole process, getting your hands and body involved and knowing it’s the essence of you.

• Smell of bread from the Bakeries.

• The breath of winter.

• Being on the road. I love discovering and being free. Not wrong turn is a bad turn. Gives a refreshing edge to a stale same location.

• Music – Live. Loud. Singing. Instruments. Nothing better than putting that perfect moment song and just getting lost.

• Smell of clean laundry fresh from the washing machine.

• The sound of raindrops on a shelter ceiling/conservatory roof.

• The smell of a cigarette when it’s been too long since your last one.

• The snippet view when you’re in a hug/close with someone you love.

• Being lost in the story of a great book, you can see/feel/smell/hear everything.

• The smell of a lived book/lived bookshops.

• The feel of the spine of a lived book.

• The first feel of grass after Winter.

• The smell of Winter as it draws in, Late October/November time – Halloween and Bon Fire Night.

• Smell of bacon after the night before.

• A starry night sky.

• Tasting new flavours.

• The sound you can make when trying to imitate a firework from start to the mighty explosion.

I know there are many more reasons to be cheerful but this is just the taster. I’ll add more as the days go on because the pursuit of happiness is never ending, so why should the list/reminders.

Feel free to add your reasons to be cheerful and spread the cheer.

Whitby 2013

Colour Digital Photography

Last Year me and Al went to Whitby so we could start being anchors and stop being wankers (we got anchor tattoo’s). We found being back home after travelling difficult, before you go travelling and especially during there is so much advice but no-one tells you what happens when you’re back home. For months I thought I was watching someone else’s life unfold and it took me awhile to get it together, I’m still trying to put the pieces together.

When we were out with our sony cybershot digital I spotted some photo’s I had to take, so here they are;

perth 181

The dog never took its eyes of the door waiting for their owner to come back.

perth 176

perth 170

perth 168

To be truthful, I was originally creeped out because of the puppet but the guy was so happy and lovely, very unique and talented.


Whitby is one of those places you have to go to, I enjoyed climbing the many stairs to the abbey and seeing the view, the surroundings of the town was gothic embodiment, it was a beautiful place to get lost in the fascination and its filled with vampire inspired cheese that you can’t help but want to get involved which makes you feel like a kid again, me and Al went in a Haunted House, a self guided one and we were on edge, at one point Al was dragging me round.

Our ‘random-why not’ Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo’s we got were the icing on the cake.

Stunning place in Yorkshire.