Black & White Photography, Colour Photography, Travelling



Los Angeles. 2011. Kodak Theatre.


Bolton Town Centre. 2011.

CNV00033 (2)

Costa Coffee. Bolton Town Centre. 2011.

CNV00021 (2)

Bolton Town Centre. 2011.


Bolton Town Centre. 2011.


Venice Beach, LA. 2011.

CNV00024 (3)

Manchester. 2011.


Bolton Town Centre. 2011.


Fiji. 2011.

CNV00016 (3)

Venice Beach. 2011.

CNV00010 (3)

Los Angeles Bus Stop. 2011.

On this day me and Al were heading into Gay LA, so many buses to get on and off, they don’t seem to do a direct route like they do in England.

Thankyou for joining me for the first instalment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hopping from one place to another and then back 🙂

I miss the excitement of seeing new surroundings and people. Looking back at my older films you can tell I was getting bored but travelling made everything fresh and got the creativity flowing.


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