This is the end, my friend…

Colour Photography, Travelling

I aint your friend, buddy…

I aint your buddy, mate.

That’s it for this portion of the Photographs, I still have a lot more to edit and get to tip top viewing shape.

I hope you enjoyed all my images had to offer.

As is tradition with me and my blog, we do a walk down memory lane with a few favourite images and their stories.

So sit back, relax and put some soothing music on, like RATM or Rancid and lets get personal.


West Hollywood Block Party, LA. Halloween. 2011.

With this image its all about the aesthetics and the lighting. I enjoyed being apart of the block party for Halloween but the sheer amount of people made me hide behind my viewfinder in fear, so when I saw this image I was so glad something so beautiful and perfect, with regards to the fact I had no flash at night and a 250 film pushed as far as I could bring myself to, came out of a uncomfortable situation.



Bolton Town Centre. By Marks and Spencers. 2011.

Again aesthetically I enjoy this image. The lighting, the shadow plus it makes me have a heart for pidgeons. I thought I loathed pidgeons, the ones in London really make my skin crawl but looking through my images over the years, they have been a prominent subject.

Because whether I like to admit or not, Pidgeons are quintessentially British.


CNV00020 (2)

Byron Bay, Lighthouse, Australia. 2012.

This image is a bittersweet relationship, I can’t stop enjoying it yet it shakes me to the core. The birds catch my eye and I keep seeing them as this Over Lord that’s a Protector of the Lighthouse, because that’s the way my brain works.

Yet on the other hand, it reminds me of a blooming marvellous random road trip –

Set the scene – Me and Al were working and living in Rainbow Beach (beautiful place that is perfect to get lost in an alternate comfort blanket reality with just awesome people, never going to meet people like them EVER) and we met a beautiful person called Toni, who after a while decided to travel South before moving on from Australia. So Me, Al and Toni decided on a road trip, the definite place was Byron Bay and then we were going to go our separate ways.

Byron Bay was awesome, first night we stayed at an Art Hostel, which was exactly what you would expect from a travellers hideout, we stayed in a tepee 🙂 not as awesome as Global Gathering made me thought, distorted memory.

Second day we went to the light house, I got tired 1/3 of the way round, al got tired 1/2 of the way round while Toni walked down loads of stairs, then back up to another lighthouse. The second night me and Al splurged on a room with all the comforts we thought we could afford, worth it! while Toni couch surfed with someone she met on couch surfing.

Third night, we couldn’t afford to stay anywhere and the lovely Toni did her magic and we managed to put our blow up bed in the garage.

Now fourth day, bit grouchy but luckily Toni and Al are lovely people with patience of saints and didn’t bite back. On that fourth day we ventured to Yamba, as Toni had heard about it, which was a nice surprise as it was perfect 🙂 we drank, we talked, we walked and then we went to the green and the blue pools and we jumped off a very high ledge.

It was the perfect road trip and I have many good memories.


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