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Me and Al and our travels together – (Venice Beach 2011)

I can remember the first time I realised I wanted to go traveling, I was sitting in Geography about to open up my textbook for the first time. Today we were going to learn about the different parts of the world, I had never really thought about other places out of England except for when I caught a glimpse of the news, which never made it look like a friendly place to be, full of experiences I could never understand but always seemed to worry my parent’s faces.

But when I opened up the book I didn’t see smoked out villages and crying people, I saw trees I couldn’t even imagine could exist, and as a child your imagination is never ending, and not only huge trees in forests, unlike the woods I went to every Sunday and imagined dragons, but there were tree houses that put the one me and my friends built in a field to shame. I saw water that ran off the edge of the ground into pools, rivers and lakes that ran the whole of the landscape, I saw sand, clay and mud of the most wonderful colours that would definitely make my mud pies look more appetizing to my Mum. I saw photographs of men wearing the most amazing costumes and wearing more make-up than the people I saw wonder the street at night. I saw people smile, I saw them with animals which I could never even begin could exist beyond the old school films that sparkle my television on a weekend night.

I was amazed at all this world could encompass, all this beauty, all these people and all these lives and knew on that day I wanted to see it all and know where it is on the globe I see everyday.

This discovery made History lesson more interesting when we got told about the likes of Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook, the explorers of history, these heroes were quickly tarnished when I found out what happened when they made their discoveries but I still wanted to explore, to witness, to see, to discover.

But as the years rolled on and life took its way, this strong dream of traveling, exploring and experiencing became a bit hazy.

Until one day I was studying photography and I saw all the photographs I’d forgotten, of all the places and the people I’d forgotten about and then the need to travel began again.

Plus years without Geography meant my knowledge of where places are had dwindled and I wanted to rediscover the globe for myself, I could tell you how to read a map, what the lines mean and about social geography but where Puerto Rico actually was, shamefully not a clue.

Planning to go away and focusing your mind on where you want to go and what you want to see was daunting and stressful but exciting. Looking at maps and researching on the internet of countries and places was never ending but everything I learnt was new and anything that had already be learnt was given a refreshing edge.

Deciding where to start was surprisingly easy, Al thought of LA, I’d never even thought of America when traveling, except for South America, but it was exciting, from watching shows like ‘The L Word’ and ‘The Real L Word’ LA seemed like an interesting place to be and be a part of.

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I wanted to go to Australia because my Dad lived there and I wanted to see more of it beyond bits of Queensland and bits of New South Wales plus my mate Charlotte moved out to Sunshine Coast and we talked about meeting up and roaming parts of Australia together.

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Fiji came about because it was on the way but also from the stories my Dad told me, it sounded like a perfect place to spend weeks there.

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The list of places to go grows everyday, the travelling buzz has not been dwindled just put on hold for two moments but to all out there traveling – keep the road winding and never stop experiencing.


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