hey people,

just a little note to say i’m still here and traveling australia 🙂 in rainbow beach still, almost 2months but god i love this place and the bubble 🙂 the people are genuinely lovely and the days just fly by, if anyone is traveling australia and planning on doing fraser island stop at fraser backpackers and give me a holla!

did a bit of traveling at the weekend with al and toni seawater pepperoni, miss ya lass. we went to byron, what a mission that was as soon as our tyres hit tweed, that place didn’t want us to find the highway, a one hour drive if that turned into something that felt like we were going to repeat the same situation for the rest of eternity, like we had fallen through a gap in time never to leave that time frame. when we did leave, cuz we did, i’m not blogging and driving that’ll just be irresponsible especially on top of the drinking, joke! don’t drink and drive, smoke and fly, man i miss being young enough to engross my whole life around little sayings like that.

anyhow! loosing train of thought, when we did eventually get out onto the highway (still makes me giddy just thinking about it) we rolled on into byron and stayed at an interesting backpackers called arthouse and slept in a teepee, which i was mega excited about but its really not as cool as it sounds, it was frigging cold and got anhilated by mossies, bastard wannabe-vampires, what is their purpose, please someone tell me. if you go to byron, go to arthouse backpackers, met this guy that toni seawater pepperoni was surfing with and he spent a month camping ‘one little mushroom for my basket, two little mushrooms for my basket’, now thats living. think of the possibilities, the adventures, the thoughts! mint.

byron i’m still in love with this place and totally addicted to it but its manic and crazy and not at all how i remember it, but the love is strong and unshakable.

yamba, wow! little bit of secret heaven just hour south of byron. the dude at the front was awesome to talk to and helped us out mega. we went to what is know as the green and blue pools and jumped off the cliff into some mega deep water, it was amazing. the half way point was jumped first by toni seawater pepperoni and i did the highest bit, had to not look or think and do it. the second time i did it, the one for the photograph i landed in the water on my boob and got slapped in the face by the water, couldn’t use half of my body for a bit and my ear was ringing, plus i made a really wierd noise. i was proud of al when she did it because she’d never done nothing like it 🙂 she did it like a pro.

weekend of traveling has given me and al itchy feet and we want to see rest of australia already, we came to travel not settle, although rainbow is a beautiful place to settle. we almost scrapped all traveling for the most awesomest dog in the world called chopper, hes so loving and happy even though hes met some cunts, i miss chopper, hes in a pound at the moment waiting to hear if hes been rehomed or the biggest decision of our lives might start to unfold before our eyes.

oh forgot to say went to the surfing competition in gold coast, saw kelly slaters mean ass wave 🙂 hes a mountain god when it comes to waves crashing on him and coming out the otherside, got a few photographs on me lovely hexar so when they get developed they’ll be here, used my last bit of film as well so no more photo’s as yet and still no closer to my digital baby.

loves you all. miss you all. and think about everyone always.

i’ll keep you guys posted on when we’re back in UK for a month before travel again, cant wait to see you all, hear your voices, laughter and your stories.

keep it happy always.

‘its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring but the rest of rainbow are smiling’


Living out of a suitcase… But a thousand stories to show.

G’day from Australia.

Been around the world and I, I can find my baby because I don’t loose babies… And by babies I mean Photographs 🙂 (sounded funnier in my head… could delete it but wayyyy too much effort so… enjoy!)

Haven’t been able to capture a photo a day yet, well I have but its on film… but I will get my camera! But until then… patience is needed again.

This is just a post to say… I’m alive… The world is beautiful… My Geographical Knowledge is definitely growing – yay to saying Goodbye to Geographical Ignorance and photo’s and stories are on their way. Its a pinky promise.

Before I left England, I had lost the photography buzz but managed to get it back in the airport, something about being told not to do something just makes you want to do the opposite but I managed to unleash my rebelion on the mean streets of beautiful Venice Beach and wow! what a place. It’s legal to smoke weed… skaters smoking weed while going past coppers with guns and they say nothing, no twitch or acknowledgement, it was bizzarre to get used to. Everyone has a story to tell, often sad, and it’ll only cost you $1 or a cigarette. Bargain eh! There was a roller skater with dreads and an electric guitar rocking it out to some mad ass effects, made him sound Hendrix, well more Kravitz but yer! If you watch the Red Hot Chilli Peppers video in Venice Beach you’ll see him.

Oh and a chill on Venice Beach will show you a million bloody Choppers.

West Hollywood at Halloween… I’ve heard Americans go crazy for Halloween but nothing prepares you for it when you actually get to see it… Half a million people at a block party hosted by the California Gov. It was mental, saw some stuff I can never erase from my memory so now I’ve got a twitch but what an experience and a half, which I am fully geared up to experience again (with my digital camera or even my flash, which I stupidly left at my Mums – always forget something important!).

Then there’s Fiji. Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Shit music. Victoria Beckham, Bruno Mars, Akon to name a few watch out! My head is overfilled with such rubbish that when I listen to the Leg’ends of my music player they become a distant memory but normal music status will be resumed because I feel guilty to the Gods and Godesses of music.

In Fiji we met sooooooooo many people and each day I got to wake up to our surroundings felt like I was viewing it all through someone else’s eyes. I will say this though, the locals of Fiji know how to guilt trip you to come back, with their landscape, beaches, smiles and the fact they never say ‘Goodbye’ because ‘Goodbye’ in Fiji means you’re never coming back.

Although its been brief I’ve enjoyed the catch up and I will thrill your viewing soon.

Keep looking. Always capture. And never feel bad for the photographs you couldn’t take because your best photograph is the next one you will capture. And if you’re in a rut with photography don’t worry, theres always someone out there still creating and a break has never harmed anyone yet, it might turn out to be what you needed in the first place.

Final thought:

I never want to see a plane or be on one for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong long long time. My summer crush for seeing and being on a plane has definitely gone, now I just get flashbacks of 14hour flights with small spaces, people who insist on leaning back so you can get a extreme close up of the film you’re trying to watch, plane food, screaming kids, swelled up feet, ceasey joints, painful elbows because of those fricking trolleys racing to buisness class, terrible films nobody watches, 200 different types of farts etc etc.


In rainbow bay… its raining… my england blues are starting to fade. I do have photo’s and many belated photo’s but still no spare cash to get them developed, so keep hanging on!

one foot note:

harvesting work sucks!


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