Whitby 2013

Colour Digital Photography

Last Year me and Al went to Whitby so we could start being anchors and stop being wankers (we got anchor tattoo’s). We found being back home after travelling difficult, before you go travelling and especially during there is so much advice but no-one tells you what happens when you’re back home. For months I thought I was watching someone else’s life unfold and it took me awhile to get it together, I’m still trying to put the pieces together.

When we were out with our sony cybershot digital I spotted some photo’s I had to take, so here they are;

perth 181

The dog never took its eyes of the door waiting for their owner to come back.

perth 176

perth 170

perth 168

To be truthful, I was originally creeped out because of the puppet but the guy was so happy and lovely, very unique and talented.


Whitby is one of those places you have to go to, I enjoyed climbing the many stairs to the abbey and seeing the view, the surroundings of the town was gothic embodiment, it was a beautiful place to get lost in the fascination and its filled with vampire inspired cheese that you can’t help but want to get involved which makes you feel like a kid again, me and Al went in a Haunted House, a self guided one and we were on edge, at one point Al was dragging me round.

Our ‘random-why not’ Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo’s we got were the icing on the cake.

Stunning place in Yorkshire.